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It's easy to learn multiplication tables on timestableslearning.com. Develop yourself with fun types of questions from each other. All times tables from 1 to 12 have been carefully prepared. Just start solving the multiplication table exercises from the bottom!

The Multiplication Table

Learning the multiplication table, which is one of the basis of mathematics, allows us to do many operations easily in our daily lives. You can take advantage of the exercises on our website to learn the multiplication table completely, which is shown in stages in primary school. You can learn multiplication table easily and quickly thanks to the exercises on our site. You can see the multiplications of the numbers starting from easy to difficult in the flashcards we prepared from 1 to 12.

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Learning the multiplication table in a fun and fast way

Every time you click on each worksheet, you will see different games. You will see memory cards, mixed questions, matching games, placement games, or types of questions that will help you learn in many different ways. There are numerous exercises to consolidate the multiplication of each digit from 1 to 12 in your memory. By playing these games, you can learn the multiplication table in a fun and fast way.

How to learn the multiplication table is easiest?

We all learn in a different way. Everyone can’t learn the multiplication table at the same speed and ease. While some people can memorize each group of numbers in a day, others may learn a group of numbers only in a few days. The purpose of the games and various exercises we publish on our website is to help you memorize the multiplications of all numbers and ensure that they are never forgotten again.

The best way to learn the multiplication table is to go from simple to difficult. For instance, it would be more efficient to begin multiplication from number 1 rather than number 12. No matter what number 1 is multiplied by, the result will be that number again. For instance, the result of 1 x 5 is 5, and the result of 1 x 8 is 8. When you learn with this technique, which is starting from the small numbers and moving towards the large numbers, your memorization will be more stable.

After the number 1, the order must go towards the as 2, 3, and follow, number 12 should be studied after. When the multiplication of small numbers is well learned, the multiplication of large numbers will become easy. The results of some multiplies are same so by looking at these results, the previously learned results can be remembered and processed better into memory. For instance, the result of 1 x 12 is 12, but also the result of 2 x 6 and 3 x 4 is 12. When similar results are seen, the multiplication table will be easier to memorize and permanent.

Learning Stages of Multiplication Table

Multiplication table learning can easily be done within 7 steps. You can effectively and efficiently process multiplications of all numbers to your memory with the method stated below;

- Read the multiplication table aloud every day and do repetition.

- Answer the multiplications in the table in an order beginning from small to the large and check if they are correct.

- Check the questions you answered wrong and repeat until you do it right.

- Do mixed multiplication and check the results.

- Do different exercises, strengthen your knowledge with games or complex questions.

- For every question you failed to answer rework that set of numbers. For instance, if you got the result of 7 x 8 wrong then study the 7 and the 8 multiplication table again

- At last, re-answer the whole multiplication table to make sure you learned all the numbers.

For best results doing regular repetition and solving problems are quite important. The information learned can easily be forgotten unless repeated, so never neglect it. You should not avoid repeating the numbers you have learned so far. Don’t say that you know them somehow, you should repeat them regularly until you have fully memorized the whole multiplication table.

Multiplication Table Exercises

By the time you click on the exercises on our website, a chart will appear. As you do these exercises Press “next” button. If you answered wrong, the correct answer will appear on the screen. If you have done all the operations correctly, you will receive a congratulatory message in the form of “Congratulations”. You can proceed with each exercise by pressing the “next” button.

Your results are listed at the end of the exercises. In which you can see results such as how many correct answers, mistakes and your percentage of success. This allows you to view your success status for each number. You can study again and do the tests again for the numbers you failed. If you note your previous status, you can see how much progress you have made in the next study.

If you're facing with a difficulty, give each number a certain amount of time. Read the chart a few times and proceed to the exercises. If typing is easier for you to learn, write down the questions you see in each exercise and answer them in that way. If it takes too long to learn the multiplication of a number, don't worry, there are only 12 numbers, and after a certain stage the multiplication moves in the form of multiples. When you learn the multiplication of small numbers, the difficulty of large numbers will decrease and your comprehension speed will boost.

The importance of learning multiplication table

For many processes in mathematics, perhaps, “what good would that do me? “the question is often asked. However, this is not the case in the multiplication table. It is very important that we know the most basic operations in order to make our calculations quickly and accurately. These procedures do not only occur in school but also in all aspects of life and make our jobs easier. Because of that, it is necessary to learn the multiplication table in primary school years, which is the period when the brain works best and stores information most easily. Both games and tables on our site by making use of you can easily make transactions.

In consequence, by following the studies we have developed for you to learn the multiplication table and by doing regular repeats, you will be able to multiply all the numbers without errors in a short time. What is important is that to solve every question without being lazy and without looking at its simplicity or difficulty, and keep working.

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