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The Multiplication Table

Learning the multiplication table, which is one of the basics of mathematics, enables us to perform many operations easily in our daily lives. You can use the exercises on our website to learn the multiplication table shown in stages in primary school. Thanks to the exercises on our site you can learn this table easily and quickly. From 1 to 12, you can see the product of the numbers from easy to difficult in the chips.

Learn multiplication tables in a fun and fast way

Each time you click on the worksheet, you will see different games. You'll see memory cards, mixed questions, matching games, placement games, or many types of questions to help you learn. There are many exercises to consolidate the memory of each number from 1 to 12. Thanks to these, you can learn the multiplication table in a fun and fast way.

How to learn multiplication tables easily?

Not everyone can learn the multiplication table at the same speed and ease. Some can memorize each group of numbers in one day while others can learn a group of numbers in just a few days. The purpose of the games and different exercises we publish on our site is to memorize the multiplication of all numbers and to ensure that they are not forgotten again.

It is best to go from simple to difficult to learn the multiplication table. For example, it would be more efficient to start multiplication from 1s rather than 12s. No matter which number is multiplied by 1, the result is still that number. For example, the result of 1 x 5 is 5, and the result of 1 x 8 is 8. In this way, starting from small numbers to large numbers to work, the memorization will be more permanent.

After 1’s should go to 2’s, 3 sıraylas in order and finally 12’s should be studied. When the multiplication of small numbers is learned thoroughly, the multiplication of large numbers becomes easier. The results of some products are the same, by looking at these results it can be remembered that the previous learned products can be better processed into memory. For example, the result of 1 x 12 is 12, and the result of 2 x 6 and 3 x 4 is 12. As similar results are seen, the multiplication table will be easier to consolidate.

Multiplication table learning stages

You can easily learn the multiplication table in 5 steps. You will be able to efficiently and efficiently multiply all numbers into your memory by the following method.
  • Read the painting aloud every day and do it again.
  • Answer the multiplications in the table in order from small to large and check if they are correct.
  • Repeat the questions you answered wrong.
  • Perform mixed multiplication and check the results.
  • Practice different exercises, reinforce your knowledge with games or mixed questions.
  • Rerun the table of numbers for every question you can't do. For example, you found the result of 7 x 8 wrong. So study both 7 and 8 again.
  • Finally, answer the entire table again to make sure you have learned all the numbers.
For best results it is necessary to do regular repetitions every day and solve questions. Learned information can be forgotten unless it is repeated, so never forget to do it again. You should avoid repeating the numbers you have learned by saying you know somehow and repeat them regularly until you have completely memorized the whole table.

Multiplication table exercises

When you click on the exercises on our site, you will see a table first. As you do the operations in this table, click “next” button. If you have done something wrong, it will appear on the screen with the answer. If you have done all the operations correctly, you will receive a “Congratulations te message. In each exercise, you can proceed by pressing the “next” button.

At the end of the exercises your results are listed. You can see results such as how much you did correctly, what mistakes you made and your success percentage. You can then view your success for each number. You can work again for unsuccessful numbers and retest tests. If you note your previous situation, you can see how much progress you have made in the next run.

If you have difficulty learning, give each number a certain time. Read the table several times and proceed to the exercises. If it is easier for you to learn by writing, write down the questions you see in each exercise and answer them that way. Don't worry if it takes too long to learn the multiplications of a number, you have 12 points and after a certain stage, the multiplications are multiples. When you learn the multiplications of small numbers thoroughly, the difficulty of big numbers will decrease and your learning speed will increase.

Importance of learning multiplication tables

For many operations in mathematics, perhaps the question “what will work for me? Işlem is often asked. However, this is not the case in the multiplication table. It is very important that we know the most basic operations in order to perform our calculations quickly and accurately. These processes are not only in school but also in all areas of life and make our work easier. For this reason, the multiplication table should be learned during the elementary school years, which is the period in which the brain works best and stores information easily. You can make transactions by using both games and tables on our site.

As a result, you can learn to multiply all numbers in a short time by following our studies and regular repetitions to learn the multiplication table. The important thing is to solve every question without worrying about its simplicity or difficulty and to continue working.